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Put a friendly face on your MySQL Database!

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Databased Features

Everything you need to turn any MySQL database
into a user friendly online application!

Simple Setup

Turn any existing or new database into a user friendly data application.

Role Based Permissions

Role based permissions using MySQL users allowing for strict data control.

Version Control

Version control for your entire database; restore anything, anytime!

Data Imports

Import CSV files to built new tables or add data to existing tables.

Relational Data Support

Support for relational data and foreign keys, making relations a breeze!

Beautiful & User Friendly

Beautiful and user-friendly design, fully retina ready!

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Create new databases or manage existing ones

Use Databased to manage existing databases (essentially creating a back-end system for existing data applications) or simply create new databases. Databased will indicate wether or not an existing database can be added.

Databased can be removed disabled from Databased at any given moment, all the meta data (revisions, notes, etc) will remain in Databased and will be applied again once the database is enabled again.

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Import data

Use the Databased data import feature to import data from your computer to create new tables or to add data to existing ones!

Databased accepts files in CSV format, allowing you to import data from a wide range of source such as MySQL databases, Excel, Numbers, etc.

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Online Spreadsheets

Allow users to take their data online by creating stunning online spreadsheets

Need to share data with your colleagues on customers? Databased allows users to create either simple and basic spreadsheets or complex relational spreadsheets online!

Databased uses a design and layout to make people familiar with spreadsheet software (like MS Excel) right at home!

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User & Permission Managament

Databased allows for role based user and permission management, allowing total control over who gets to do what and see what

Setup user roles to define access to databases and tables. Databased integrates seamless with MySQL's native user and permission handling.

Databased allows for unlimited user roles and user accounts, allowing the app to grow with your organisation or business.

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Version Control

No need to worry about users messing up the database; version control will make your live easier!

Whenever changes are made to a cell or record, the previous values are stored and can be restored at any given moment

Revisions are tracked for both individual cells and for entire records and stored with dates, making it easy to find previous values.

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You have a question? Someone else might have had the exact same one. Let's find out!

No. Databased is not (yet) a full fledged MySQL administration tool. In it's current form it's simply a tool to allow regular people access to one or more databases.

Yes. Databased is a "self hosted" application, meaning you will have to install it on a server. Fear not though, installation is breeze.

Databased has the following server requirements:

  • MySQL (make sure your version of MysQL supports InnoDB/foreign keys if you want to use the relational data features)
  • Root access to your MySQL server
  • PHP 5.1.6 or newer (older versions might work)
  • Apache webserver

Yes, you can. Existing databases can be brought under Databased control simply by activating the database. However, Databased has a few requirements (for example, each table in the database must have a primary key set on the first column in the table) and it will indicate wether or not an existing database can be managed through the app.

Short answer; probably not. Since Databased will require root access to your MySQL server, running Databased in a shared hosting environment is unlikely to work. This due to the fact that on a shared hosting account, MySQL servers are also often shared and thus it's unlikely that you will have the proper permissions.

Databased works best on a VPS or dedicated server. If you're looking for a cheap (starting at only $5 p/month), but high quality VPS provider, you might want to check out Digital Ocean (no affiliation).

  1. Check your database to see if the table “dbapp_columnrestrictions” exists. If not, execute the following SQL statement:
    "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `dbapp_columnrestrictions` ( `dbapp_columnrestrictions_id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `dbapp_columnrestrictions_database` varchar(255) NOT NULL, `dbapp_columnrestrictions_table` varchar(255) NOT NULL, `dbapp_columnrestrictions_column` varchar(255) NOT NULL, `dbapp_columnrestrictions_restrictions` text NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`dbapp_columnrestrictions_id`) ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1 AUTO_INCREMENT=1;"
  2. Update the following folders:
    – /application (every subfolder except for the /application/config folder)
    – /css
    – /js

That should be it. If you need any help, please shoot me an email at [email protected]

Databased is built with love by Chilly Orange, located in Bangkok, Thailand

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